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The Shopify <> MoEngage integration allows you to seamlessly integrate MoEngage Web SDK to your brand's Shopify store to track user events and data. You can use channels such as Web Push, On-Site Messaging, SMS, Email, and Web Personalization to reach out to your store visitors to nudge them towards converting. With this integration, you can enable real-time data sync, provide personalized recommendations, and increase conversions using cross-channel engagement. 

Installing the MoEngage App on your Shopify store

  1. Navigate to the App marketplace on the MoEngage Dashboard.
  2. Search for Shopify 2.0 and click on the Shopify tile.
  3. Navigate to the Integrate tab.
  4. Click Install MoEngage app on your Shopify store.


  5. Click the Install app at the top left corner.
  6. Enter the authentication parameters in the MoEngage app integration screen (MoEngage app ID and app key). To fetch the app ID and app key, do the following:
      1. If you do not have a MoEngage account, click Sign up now. You will be directed to the account creation page for MoEngage. Skip to step 3 if you have a MoEngage account already.
      2. Fill out the form and submit the request for creating a MoEngage account. Once your MoEngage account has been created, you can fetch the authentication credentials described below.
      3. Login to your MoEngage account.
      4. Navigate to Settings -> App -> API -> General Settings
      5. The DATA API ID is the MoEngage app ID, and the DATA API KEY is the app key. Copy these values and paste them on your Shopify Installation page.
    1. API Settings.gif
  7. Click Authenticate and ContinueOnce your authentication is successful, you can configure your app.
  8. The Initialization Settings popup appears after you've successfully authenticated your app.

Initialization Settings



The following steps must be performed for MoEngage to track user data and events.

The following settings must be configured on Shopify for successful integration:

  1. Enable the MoEngage-Shopify app to embed on your Shopify Store. To do so:
      1. Navigate to Theme Settings. (add link)
      2. Turn on the MoEngage Shopify app embed setting.
      3. Click Save.
  2. Enable advanced order tracking - To track Order Placed events on MoEngage, copy the script shown in the Initialization Settings popup and paste it into the additional scripts section of the Shopify admin dashboard.

    InitializationSettings (2).png

Configuration Settings

After successful initialization, navigate to the Configuration tab and do the following:

  1. Select user events and properties that you want to track or be tracked. Note: MoEngage tracks some events by default. For more information about tracked default events, refer to Event and Data TrackingTo track custom events, refer to Tracking Custom Events in MoEngage.
  2. Select the User Identifier (Email or Phone Number) in the User Identifier for user synced field. You can choose this identifier only once during integration.
  3. To sync user data, navigate to the Data tab and follow the instructions in User Data Sync
  4. Navigate to the Configuration tab and click Save configuration.


Next Steps

Now that your integration is successful, you can sync data about your past orders and start tracking events.

  1. Events and User Data Tracking
  2. Sync User Data
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