iOS 7.x.x




Native SDK Version:

The current react-native-moengage plugin supports MoEngage-iOS-SDK version 7.*.



The below steps are only required for react-native-moengage plugin version below 6.0.0. If using plugin version 6.0.0, proceed to SDK Initialization.

CocoaPods Integration [Required for version < 6.0.0]:

  • CocoaPods Integration is supported from react-native-moengage version 4.0.0

Run pod install to add our react native plugin and MoEngage-iOS-SDK pods to the iOS project. Post that add "${PODS_ROOT}/../<YourProjectName>" to the Header Search Path of ReactNativeMoEngage target in Pods project as shown below:


Libraries Integration [Required for version < 6.0.0]:

In case if you are using the Libraries Integration, you will have to explicitly update pod file to install our native MoEngage iOS SDK. Add MoEngage-iOS-SDK to your pod file:

pod 'MoEngage-iOS-SDK'

After installing the Pods, select the MoEReactBridge target in MoEReactBridge.xcodeproj and go to Header Search Paths section in Build Settings as shown below. Here update the search path $(SRCROOT)/../../../ios to include your Project's main directory which contains the AppDelegate file as shown below.




  • Updating the Header Search Path is important as the MoEngage React Native plugin needs access to the AppDelegate file of your project.
  • In case if you get errors in the test targets of the project, go to build settings of the test target and add -lc++ flag to Other Linker Flags as shown below :


SDK is successfully installed in the project, and ready to use.

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