Release Checklist

Before making the AppStore release make sure you have verified with the release checklist below:

1. Update MoEngage SDK

  • Update MoEngage SDK to the current version. Check release notes to know the latest SDK version.

2. Set Correct AppID

  • In case you are using multiple MoEngage apps, then make sure before releasing that the correct AppID is set while initializing the SDK.
  • Make sure that initializeProdWithApiKey method is called for the build, which is being submitted to AppStore, this is to make sure that the data is tracked in the Live environment of the MoEngage app. Refer to the link to know more.

3. Test Push Notifications and Verify APNS Certificate

  • Make sure that the Production APNS certificate is uploaded to MoEngage dashboard settings in Live environment. And also test the same by sending a few notifications before going live.

4. Tracking App Installs and Updates

  • If you wish to run Install/Update campaigns, make sure you track the same (recommended but optional).

5. User Attribute Unique ID

  • If the app has a Login feature then make sure you are tracking USER_ATTRIBUTE_UNIQUE_ID attribute when the user logs in. Setting USER_ATTRIBUTE_UNIQUE_ID is mandatory to tie a user across devices, installs/uninstalls, and across different platforms. Refer link
  • Also, make sure that resetUser method is called on user logout. Refer link

6. Setting User Attributes

  • Make sure you are setting all the User Attributes required to target users based on these attributes across devices or installs. Also, this will help in the personalization of campaigns. Refer to the link to know more.

7. Tracking Events

  • Make sure you are tracking all the events based on which you can track the user behavior in the app, and later use the same to create a campaign targeting appropriate users. Refer to the link to know more.



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