Push Callback

Notification Click Observers

MoEngage plugin triggers the PushNotifCallback event whenever a notification is clicked. This event is a common trigger for both iOS and Android platforms. Refer to the below code to set the observer to the same:

using MoEngage;

// Add Push Callback for MoEGameObject
MoEGameObject.PushNotifCallback += PushCallback;

//Implement the calback
public void OnPushClicked(object sender, PushCampaignData campaignData)
  Debug.Log(" OnPushClicked() : Event handler callback: " + campaignData.platform + 
  " \n clickedAction: " + campaignData.data.clickedAction + " \n payload:" + campaignData.data.payload);

PushCampaignData structure

PushCampaignData instance will have the below properties:

  public class PushCampaignData {
    ///  Account info 
    public AccountMeta accountMeta;

     ///  PushCampaign data object 
    public PushCampaign data;

    ///  Native platform from which the callback was triggered. 
    public Platform platform;
  /// Meta-data related to your MoEngage account.
  public class AccountMeta {
    ///  Account Identifier  
    public string appId;
  /// Push Payload information
  public class PushCampaign {
    ///  This key is present only for the Android Platform. It's a boolean value indicating if the user clicked on the default content or not. true if the user clicks on the default content else false.  
    public bool isDefaultAction;

    ///  Action to be performed on notification click.  
    public IDictionary < string, object > clickedAction;

    /// Complete campaign payload. 
    public IDictionary < string, object > payload;
/// Platform on which Push Campaign belongs public enum Platform { iOS, Android }

Payload Structure for clickedAction Dictionary

  "clickedAction": {
    "type": "navigation/customAction",
    "payload": {
      "type": "screenName/deepLink/richLanding",
      "value": "",
      "kvPair": {
        "key1": "value1",
        "key2": "value2",

clickedAction - Action to be performed on notification click.

clickedAction.type- Type of click action. Possible values navigation and customAction. Currently, customAction is supported only on Android.

clickAction.payload - Action payload for the clicked action.
clickedAction.payload.type - Type of navigation action defined. Possible values screenName, deepLink,  and richLanding.

Currently, in the case of iOS, rich landing and deep-link URLs are processed internally by the SDK and not passed in this callback; therefore possible value in the case of iOS is only screenName.
clickAction.value - value entered for navigation action or custom payload.
clickAction.kvPair - Custom key-value pair entered on the MoEngage Platform.
payload - Complete campaign payload.

Android Payload

If the user clicks on the default content of the notification, the key-value pair and campaign payload can be found inside the payload key. If the user clicks on the action button or a push template action, the action payload would be found inside clickedAction.
You can use the isDefaultAction key to check whether the user clicked on the default content and then parse the payload accordingly.

iOS Payload

In the case of iOS, you would always receive the key-value pairs with respect to clicked action in clickedAction property. Refer to this link for knowing the iOS notification payload structure.



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