Cookies used by Web SDK
info Moengage Web SDK does not use or track any 3rd-party cookies.


It only uses 1st-party Cookies and only in the following cases:

Cookie name Description
moe_uuid It contains device unique ID. It is used only in case of AMP integrations.

The following cookies are used when Cross sub-domain tracking is enabled.

Cookie name Description
USER_DATA Contains user details such as deviceID, isDeviceAdded etc.
SOFT_ASK_STATUS Status of the Web Push permission Soft Ask
PUSH_TOKEN Web Push notification identifier token
OPT_IN_SHOWN_TIME The time when the notification opt-in is shown
HARD_ASK_STATUS Status of the Web Push permission Soft Ask
SUBSCRIPTION_DETAILS Contains Push Subscription related details.
SETUP_TIME timestamp of the webSDKSettings API fetched.


Disable all Cookies

If you want that Moengage SDK does not set or use any cookies, then you can do it by passing disableCookies while initialising the SDK as

<script type="text/javascript">
var moeDataCenter = "{DC}"; // Replace "DC" with the actual Data center value from the above table
var moeAppID = "{AppID}"; // Replace "AppID" available in the settings page of MoEngage Dashboard.
!function(e,n,i,t,a,r,o,d){if(!moeDataCenter||!moeDataCenter.match(/^dc_[0-9]+$/gm))return console.error("Data center has not been passed correctly. Please follow the SDK installation instruction carefully.");var s=e[a]=e[a]||[];if(s.invoked=0,s.initialised>0||s.invoked>0)return console.error("MoEngage Web SDK initialised multiple times. Please integrate the Web SDK only once!"),!1;e.moengage_object=a;var l={},g=function n(i){return function(){for(var n=arguments.length,t=Array(n),a=0;a<n;a++)t[a]=arguments[a];(e.moengage_q=e.moengage_q||[]).push({f:i,a:t})}},u=["track_event","add_user_attribute","add_first_name","add_last_name","add_email","add_mobile","add_user_name","add_gender","add_birthday","destroy_session","add_unique_user_id","update_unique_user_id","moe_events","call_web_push","track","location_type_attribute"],m={onsite:["getData","registerCallback"]};for(var c in u)l[u[c]]=g(u[c]);for(var v in m)for(var f in m[v])null==l[v]&&(l[v]={}),l[v][m[v][f]]=g(v+"."+m[v][f]);r=n.createElement(i),o=n.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],r.async=1,r.src=t,o.appendChild(r),||function(){return(s.invoked=s.invoked+1,s.invoked>1)?(console.error("MoEngage Web SDK initialised multiple times. Please integrate the Web SDK only once!"),!1):(d=arguments.length<=0?void 0:arguments[0],l)},r.addEventListener("load",function(){if(d)return e[a],e[a].initialised=e[a].initialised+1||1,!0}),r.addEventListener("error",function(){return console.error("Moengage Web SDK loading failed."),!1})}(window,document,"script",""+moeDataCenter+"/moe_webSdk.min.latest.js","Moengage");

Moengage = moe({
  app_id: moeAppID,
  debug_logs: 0,
  disableCookies: true,
warning If you have enabled Cross Sub-domain user tracking, then that will not work on disabling cookies.



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