Opt-Out of Data Tracking

To disable  data tracking by the SDK use disableDataTracking: method as shown below. Once you have opted out of data tracking you need to explicitly opt-in to start tracking any event OR attributes for the user.

Swift Objective-C
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.disableDataTracking() //Opt out
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.enableDataTracking()  //Opt in

IDFA and IDFV OptOuts

SDK tracks IDFA(Advertising Identifier) by default as a UserAttribute, it's tracked only if the AdSupport framework is included in the project and if the User has not limited Ad Tracking. In case you would want to opt-out of IDFA Tracking call the opt-out method as shown below:

Swift Objective-C
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.disableIDFATracking() //Opt out
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.enableIDFATracking() //Opt in

SDK also tracks IDFV(Identifier for Vendor) by default as a device Identifier. In case you would want to opt-out of IDFV Tracking call the opt-out method as shown below:

Swift Objective-C
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.disableIDFVTracking() //Opt out
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.enableIDFVTracking() //Opt in

IDFA and IDFV opt-outs are available from SDK version 6.1.1

Enable/Disable SDK

If you don't want the MoEngage SDK to track any user information or send any data to the MoEngage System use the below method:

Swift Objective-C

Once this API is called all the SDK APIs will be non-operational. SDK will be disabled until enableSDK() is called.
Once you have the user's consent use the below API to enable the SDK.

Swift Objective-C

Enable/Disable SDK methods are available from SDK version 6.3.0.



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