Migration to SDK version 7.0.0

We have made quite a few changes in SDK version 7.0.0 and if you are someone who was using an older version of our SDK and planning to move to version 7.0.0 or above here are the changes to be made while migrating:

iOS 9.* Support Removed

From SDK version 7.0.0 we have set the deployment target as iOS 10.0 and hence have removed support for iOS 9.*. We have decided to do this since the user base in iOS 9.0 is very less and most of the developers are already setting their app's deployment target to greater than iOS 10.0.

Initialisation Method Changes

We have deprecated the previous initialization methods and have introduced new methods. The new methods accept the MOSDKConfig instance as an argument which can contain multiple parameters along with the App ID required for setting up the SDK on app launch:

Deprecated methods

Swift Objective-C
var yourMoEAppID = "Your App ID"
	MoEngage.sharedInstance().initializeDev(withAppID:yourMoEAppID, withLaunchOptions: nil)
	MoEngage.sharedInstance().initializeProd(withAppID:yourMoEAppID, withLaunchOptions: nil)

For info on the new initialization methods, refer to this link.

Setting Region/Data Center

MODataCenter: We’ve introduced new APIs to set up the Data center in the SDK, earlier API which made use of DataRedirectionRegion Enumerator is no longer supported, instead the same has to be configured using MOSDKConfig and provided during Initialization, refer doc for info on how to configure in the latest SDK versions.

Older method[6.3.1 and below]

Swift Objective-C
DataRedirectionRegion Enum Values:
// Eg to redirect data to EU Data Center
MoEngage.redirectData(to: MOE_REGION_EU)

App Target: Setting App Group ID

App Group ID for App target was earlier set using setAppGroupID:, which is no longer supported. Make use of the MOSDKConfig to configure the same in the latest SDK versions(Refer link for more info)

Older method[6.3.1 and below]

Swift Objective-C

Enable Logs Changes

For troubleshooting, the method to enable SDK logs has been changed from debug: to enableSDKLogs :. The earlier method was used as shown below, and for the updated implementation in the latest SDK versions refer to the following doc:

Older method[6.3.1 and below]

Swift Objective-C



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