Configuring HMS Push Kit


  • Ensure that you have configured Push Kit on your application.
    For more information, refer to HMS Push Kit documentation.
  • Ensure that you configure MoEngage SDK for receiving push notifications

Configure your account on MoEngage

Navigate to the Settings Page `Dashboard --> Settings --> Channel --> Push --> Mobile Push --> Push Amp+` on the MoEngage Dashboard and add the Huawei Push Settings under the Push Amp+ Tab


SDK Installation

Installing using Catalog

Integration using a Version Catalog is the recommended way of integration; refer to the Configure Version Catalog document to configure a catalog if not done already. Once you have configured the catalog add the dependency in the app/build.gradle file as shown below

dependencies {

Alternatively, you can add the dependency using Artifact ID as described in Installation using Artifact ID. However, installation using Catalog ID is the recommended approach as installing using Artifact ID may lead to version mismatch if mapped incorrectly. 

Push Token Management

When using MoEngage SDK, you can either register for token and pass it on to the MoEngage SDK or simply let MoEngage SDK register for Push Token.

Token Registration Handled by Application

If your application is registering for Push Notification, use the below API to pass the Push token to the MoEngage SDK.

Kotlin Java
MoEPushKitHelper.getInstance().passPushToken(context, token)

Token Registration Handled by MoEngage

By default, the MoEngage SDK does not register for push tokens. You can enable the token registration using the configurePushKit() API in the MoEngage.Builder while initializing the SDK

Kotlin Java
val moEngage = MoEngage.Builder(this, "XXXXXXXX")

Add the below Service in your application's Manifest file.

    <action android:name="com.huawei.push.action.MESSAGING_EVENT" />

When MoEngage SDK handles push registration, it optionally provides a callback to the Application whenever a new token is registered, or the token is refreshed.
An application can get this callback by implementing the TokenAvailableListener interface and registering the listener using MoEPushKitHelper.getInstance().addTokenListener() API.



To use Push Kit, you need to update the moe-android-sdk to 10.3.00 or above.




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