Integration Verifier

To validate your integration, add the below dependency to your application. Once the dependency is added navigate to Dashboard --> Test & Debug --> Integration Validation to validate your integration for Push Notification and Data tracking.

SDK Installation

Installing using Catalog

Integration using a Version Catalog is the recommended way of integration, refer to the Configure Version Catalog document to configure a catalog if not done already. Once you have configured the catalog add the dependency in the app/build.gradle file, as shown below

dependencies {

Alternatively, you can add the dependency using Artifact ID as described in Installation using Artifact ID. However, installation using Catalog ID is the recommended approach as installing using Artifact ID may lead to version mismatch if mapped incorrectly. 

Once the dependency is added to your application build and install the application on your device.

On the MoEngage Dashboard, navigate to Test & Debug --> Integration Validation. Follow the steps displayed on the page.



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