Enable/Disable Data Tracking

If you don't want the MoEngage SDK not to track user data to the MoEngage System use the disableDataTracking() API.

import com.moengage.core.disableDataTracking

Once the above API is called, no custom events or user attributes will be tracked. SDK will reject all events until enableDataTracking() is called.
Once you want to track events or user attributes, call the below API.

import com.moengage.core.enableDataTracking

Enable/Disable SDK

If you don't want the MoEngage SDK not to track any user information or send any data to the MoEngage System, use the disableSdk() API.

Kotlin Java
import com.moengage.core.disableSdk

Once this API is called, all the SDK APIs will be non-operational. SDK will be disabled until enableSdk() is called.
Once you have the user's consent use the below API to enable the SDK.

import com.moengage.core.enableSdk

Delete User Data

In April 2023, Google Announced the User Account Deletion Policy, according to which if your app allows you to create an account within your app, it must also allow the user to delete their account within the app.

Calling this API will delete the User Data/Profile from the MoEngage Server. You need to have a minimum SDK version of 12.10.00 or above to call this API.

Kotlin Java
import com.moengage.core.MoECoreHelper

For more information, refer to the API Documentation.



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