Web SDK Overview

Introduction to Web Modules

The following modules are supported for Web SDK Integration:

Web Push

Permission based messages are sent regardless of whether the user is on your website or not.


Any data collection on your users for your brand use. Typical use cases are to personalize the messages, segment users based on behaviors and so on.

On-site Messaging

Messages are sent when a user is on your website. You do not need any user permission.

Website Personalization

Personalizations are embedded into a website to provide a seamless end-user experience.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Open source web framework component enables to load the web pages instantaneously.

Integration Steps

Common Integration Steps

Common integration steps are described as follows:

Module Integration Steps

Common Integration
for all Modules

WEB SDK > SDK Integration

Channel Specific Integration Steps

Channel specific integration steps are described as follows:

Module Integration Steps

Web Push

WEB SDK -> Web Push

Data Tracking

WEB SDK -> Data Tracking

On-site messaging

WEB SDK -> Onsite Messaging

Website Personalization

WEB SDK -> Web Personalization

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