Validate Integration

After installing MoEngage on your Shopify store, validate the integration for seamless tracking of user events and data.

Use the steps below to validate your MoEngage <> Shopify integration:

  1. Install the MoEngage Chrome plugin.
  2. Open your Shopify store on a new browser (or hard refresh).
  3. Verify whether your website is loading the MoEngage SDK:
    • If not, try un-saving and saving the app embed block settings in the App theme settings. The website may not load the MoEngage SDK if the integration steps are not followed consistently.
    • If the issue persists, check the console log for errors.
    • Contact MoEngage support if the above solutions don't work.
  4. Once the MoEngage SDK is loaded, perform the Product view and Add to Cart events to check if MoEngage is successfully tracking data in your app settings.                                                      


    MoEngage tracks data using Shopify's default checkout process. Therefore, if Shopify's default checkout flow is changed, it may affect the data tracking process and lead to discrepancies. In such cases, ensure to use a custom cart or checkout flow.

  5. While the Product view and Add to Cart events are being tracked properly, ensure to check if the cart token user attribute is getting set or not.Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 5.01.08 PM.png

The integration will be active and should function as intended if the above mentioned checklist is completed.

For more information, see FAQs.



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