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Basic Recommendations should be enabled for your account. Accounts on the Enterprise plan have recommendations enabled by default. Other accounts should reach out to their CSM or drop a mail to if you wish to enable it for your account.

You can sync your store's existing product catalog. to MoEngage and use it to generate personalized Recommendations.


  1. You can enable the catalog at any time after doing the initial installation of our Shopify App. 
  2. The first-time sync will start as soon as you enable the option. Once the sync is complete, the sync status will be updated. Then onward the catalog will be automatically refreshed daily between 8-10 am IST.
  3. In case of a failure, you can try to sync again.
  4. After the first successful sync, you can find a new Catalog created in your MoEngage account with the suffix "Shopify product catalog".
  5. When you Stop the sync, the next daily refresh will be stopped. The catalog will still be available in the Moengage dashboard. You can manually remove the catalog from your Moengage account. 

This auto-created catalog will have your existing store's product and their metadata synced with MoEngage. Each synced product's metadata includes

Attribute  Description 
Variation ID The variation ID for each item. This is used as the unique identifier for each item in your catalog. 
Product ID The Product ID of your item in the catalog. Multiple variation IDs can have the same product IDs.
Link The URL for accessing the item in your store.
Image_link The URL for accessing the image, associated with the variation ID 
Vendor Name The name of the product's vendor.
SKU The SKU identifier for your item
Variation Title The Title for the associated variation ID of your item
Currency This is the same as the selection made by you while enabling the catalog sync
Price The Price item. 
Quantity The quantity of the variation id present in your store. 
Status The status of the product
  • active: The product is ready to sell and is available to customers.
  • archived: The product is no longer being sold and isn't available to customers
  • draft: The product isn't ready to sell and is unavailable to customers. By default, duplicated and unarchived products are set to draft.
Description The description of your item.
Created_at Date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the item was first added to your catalog. 
Updated_at Date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the item was last updated. 




If you have any questions about the working of your Shopify integration read our FAQs



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