Delete User From MoEngage Server


This API is supported from moengage_flutter version 6.1.0 and is only available for the Android platform and it will throw UnImplementedError error in other platforms

To delete the current user from the MoEngage server use the deleteUser() method as shown below, where you will get an instance of UserDeletionData.


import 'package:moengage_flutter/moengage_flutter.dart';
final MoEngageFlutter _moengagePlugin = MoEngageFlutter(<YOUR_APP_ID>);

// Below method will return an instance of <Future<UserDeletionData>>
_moengagePlugin.deleteUser().then((value) {
// Add your code to handle the callback.
}).catchError((onError) {
// Add your code to handle the Error.

For more information, please refer to the API documentation.



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