Web Push Notifications Integration Validation

Web Push Notifications Integration validation is performed manually to verify if the Push notifications are working.

Validation Procedure

The validation procedure contains the following steps

  1. Push Token Generation
  2. Push notification received on the device
  3. Notification Redirection
  4. Notification Statistics

Push Token Generation

  1. On your profile page, the Web push icon has to be green.download__17_.png
  2. You can also check this by installing the MoEngage extension on your browser (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/moengage-sdk/dhggnkfnnoebbfofpimfehcklnekmbgi)download__18_.png

Push notification received on the device

  1. Create a general Push campaign on the Dashboard for your device
  2. Test the notification from the test option at the 3rd stage of creation.
  3. If you get a successful response create the campaign. If failed, check for the failure reasons.download__19_.png

Notification Redirection

  1. Provide the redirection URL while creating the campaign. And once the message is received click on it and check if it is redirecting you to the URLdownload__20_.png

Notification Statistics

  • Once the campaign is sent out, the campaign stats should show the impressions and clicks.download__21_.png

Validation Success Criteria

  1. Push token has to be generated for the users
  2. Notification should be displayed correctly
  3. The redirection should work as expected
  4. The Impressions and clicks have to be captured.


  1. If tokens are not generated correctly, the reachable user base will be less than the actual users. For more information about fixing token-related issue, refer to Configuring Web Push Settings.

  2. Incorrect Redirection will lead to confusion/miss in opportunities.

  3. If the clicks and impressions are not recorded, we cannot understand the impact of the campaign.
    For more information about fixing impressions and click-tracking-related issue, refer to Configuring Web Push Settings.

MoEngage recommends download and installs the Chrome Extension for integration validation.

Have difficulties while integrating our Web SDK?

You don't have to wait for our awesome customer support to get back to you. Try our MoEngage Assist Chrome Extension (Beta). Here is a gist of what our assist can do -

  1. It will be active only on those pages where our SDK is integrated
  2. Gives basic information of all the configurations
  3. Can forcefully fetch the configurations (instead of waiting for 24 hours to refresh)
  4. Shows any errors in serviceworker integration
  5. Shows the list of events and attributes tracked
  6. Informs whether the user is created/subscribed or not.
  7. Can track any events
  8. Can add any attributes
  9. Informs whether Onsite and Web Personalization is enabled or not
  10. Shows the list of Onsite Campaigns and trigger condition in a nice readable format
  11. Shows the list of Web Personalization Campaigns and trigger condition in a nice readable format
  12. Can forcefully fetch the Onsite and Web Personalization campaigns (instead of waiting for 15min to refresh)



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