Framework Size Impact

We developed a sample application to evaluate the impact of our SDK size. We then uploaded the application build with various configurations to App Store Connect. This allowed us to estimate both the compressed (the download size of our app) and uncompressed size (the disk space the app occupies on the user's device).

SDK versions for analysis


iPhone 12 Pro as Reference

Our analysis excludes the Universal build because Apple doesn't install it on user devices. They optimize each app based on the user's device by installing only the necessary architecture. Therefore, our analysis assumes the iPhone 12 Pro with an operating system version 15.0 as the reference.

MoEngage SDK Size Impact

The size analysis was done when MoEngage-iOS-SDK was integrated into a dummy sample app.

Framework Version Compressed Size Uncompressed Size
Dummy Sample App NA 36 KB 125 KB
MoEngage-iOS-SDK 9.14.0 849 KB 2.5 MB
MoEngage-iOS-SDK + MoEngageInApp 4.13.0 1.1 MB 3.3 MB
MoEngage-iOS-SDK + MoEngageCards 4.13.0 1.2 MB 3.4 MB
MoEngage-iOS-SDK + MoEngageGeofence 5.13.0 898 KB 2.7 MB
MoEngage-iOS-SDK + MoEngageRichNotification 7.13.0 933 KB 2.8 MB
MoEngage-iOS-SDK + MoEngageInbox 2.13.0 1.1 MB 3.1 MB
MoEngage-iOS-SDK + MoEngageRealTimeTrigger 2.13.0 1 MB 3 MB
All Framework Mentioned above 1.8 MB 5.2 MB

Overall Size Impact of MoEngage



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