Smart TV integration

The MoEngage Web SDK can track user data and events to enhance analytics and display onsite messages and cards in LG TVs (webOS) and Samsung Tizen OS TV.


The integration is the same as the standard SDK integration for any other website. The following needs to be done:

      1. Add the SDK code in index.html
      2. Do not add the serviceworker.js file, as Mobile Push is not applicable here.
      3. If you have enabled Web Push notifications, then select the Self-Handled opt-in type in the MoEngage Dashboard (Navigation: Settings -> Push -> Web Push) and do not call the call_web_push() method.


You can use all of the existing Web SDK methods for data, events tracking, and session tracking for Smart TVs. For more information, refer to this section.

On-site Messaging

There are no additional steps required here. OSM will work seamlessly without any integration effort.


To use the Cards feature, refer to the cards section.

Sample Code

We have created the following sample apps for reference.

      1. LG Web OS
      2. Samsung Tizen OS
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