Web SDK Data Tracking Introduction


MoEngage Web SDK, by default, tracks information for MoEngage default attributes and events. Use additional tracking for best personalization of the message and advance segmentation. Additional tracking is done either for:

User Attributes

Persistent forever.
For example, email, first name, last name and so on. For more information, refer to User Attributes.



You can not use "moe_" as a prefix while naming events, event attributes, or user attributes. It is a system prefix and using it might result in periodic blacklisting without prior communication.


Persistent for 60 days unless otherwise defined in your contract.
For example, Order Successful, Started Application and so on

For more information on MoEngage tracked attributes and events, refer to Events and Attributes and Events Tracking.

Reach out to us directly from your MoEngage Dashboard -> Need Help? -> Contact Support or send an email to support@moengage.com.



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