Core v1.0.3 (27-09-2022)

  • iOS
    • BugFix: Registered  logoutUser method to make it available for Javascript.

Core v1.0.2 (25-07-2022)

  • Android
    • Device identifier tracking update as per Google's User Data policy. Advertising Id is only tracked after user consent. Along with the plugin update the Native Android dependency to 11.6.02.
  • iOS
    • Native dependencies updated to support MoEngage-iOS-SDK version 7.2.0.

Core v1.0.1 (09-02-2022)

  • Bugfix
    • Android Push click callback is not working when a notification is clicked in the app's killed state.

Core v1.0.0 (01-02-2022)

  • Initial Release

Geofence v1.0.0 (01-02-2022)

  • Initial Release
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