Data Center 7.x.x

We support data redirection to our servers in different clusters. By default, the data center in SDK is set to DATA_CENTER_01, use MOSDKConfig while initialization and update the property according to your account's configuration.

Swift Objective-C
import MoEngage

var sdkConfig = MOSDKConfig.init(appID: "appID")
sdkConfig.moeDataCenter = DATA_CENTER_01 //eg

// Possible Values for Data Center
typedef enum {

Following is the host for different data centers, please update the app's configuration according to the DataCenter in the case would want to whitelist the SDK API domain:

Data Center SDK Host Dashboard Host


Refer to the dashboard host to know the Data Center of your account.
Please make sure that you consult with the MoEngage team before using this method for changing the data center in the SDK.

For more information about MoEngage data centers, refer to Data Centers in MoEngage.

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