Steps to Remove Mi SDK Dependency

Due to operational concerns, Xiaomi Corporation has recently notified users about the discontinuation of the Mi Push service beyond Mainland China. You might have already received correspondence regarding this matter. For more details, refer to Discontinuation of Mi Push Service.

In this regard, we suggest that our customers remove Mi Push SDK from their apps. The steps to do so are enumerated in this article.

Step 1: Remove Mi aar

  1. Navigate to app --> libs
  2. Delete MiPush_SDK_Client*.aar

Step 2: Remove the Mi receiver from the manifest file

Remove the following code from the manifest file.

Remove Mi receiver from the manifest file
      <action android:name="com.xiaomi.mipush.RECEIVE_MESSAGE" />
      <action android:name="com.xiaomi.mipush.MESSAGE_ARRIVED" />
      <action android:name="com.xiaomi.mipush.ERROR" />

Step 3: Remove initialization code

Remove the following initialization code from the application.

Code to be removed from the application
MiPushHelper.initialiseMiPush([context], [appKey], [appId], [region])

Step 4: Delete the helper files

Delete the following helper files:

  1. MiPushHelper.kt
  2. MiPushReceiver.kt

Step 5: Remove MoEngage dependency

Remove the MoEngage dependency from the dependencies block of the build.gradle as described:

  1. MoEngage Catalog - If you are using the MoEngage catalog remove the following dependency:
    MoEngage Catalog
  2. Artifact ID - If you have added the artifact id remove the following dependency:
    Artifact ID



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