SDK Size Impact

SDK size is one of the important considerations for us as the inclusion of SDKs can significantly influence the final APK / App Bundle size, affecting the user experience and download time. So, we always aim to keep the impact as low as possible on the final APK / App Bundle size.

MoEngage SDKs

Refer to the below table for details about the impact on APK / App Bundle size due to different MoEngage artifacts.

Version Catalog (used for size impact calculation): 3.2.2

Artifact Id Version Size Impact (Approx. Kilobytes)
cards-core 1.6.0 33 KB
cards-ui 1.6.1 277 KB
encrypted-storage 1.3.0 1 KB
geofence 3.4.0 27 KB
hms-pushkit 4.7.0 129 KB
inapp 7.1.1 148 KB
inbox-core 2.6.0 7 KB
inbox-ui 2.6.0 171 KB
integration-verifier 4.4.0 62 KB
moe-android-sdk 12.10.02 227 KB
moengage-segment-kotlin-destination (includes moe-android-sdk) 1.5.0 227 KB
push-amp 4.6.0 6 KB
push-amp-plus 6.6.0 7 KB
realtime-trigger 2.6.0 26 KB
rich-notification 4.7.2 155 KB
security 2.6.0 2 KB

External SDKs

There are some external dependencies that the Application must include while using the MoEngage SDK. Refer to the below table to get the impact due to the external dependencies

Dependency Version Size Impact (Approx. Kilobytes)
Firebase Messaging 23.1.2 158 KB
HMS Push SDK 443 KB
MI Push SDK 5.1.1 222 KB



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