Migrating from addon-inbox 6.0.2


This migration is required only if you are using addon-inbox 6.0.2 or below and migrating to 11.2.00 or above version of moe-android-sdk.

Since the early days of MoEngage, we have provided addon-inbox artifact for using Notification Center in your application. We have revamped the module and broken down the module into multiple modules to make it more robust, lightweight, and scalable for future improvements/enhancements.

Updated Artifacts

inbox-core - Module contains APIs and helper methods to build an inbox. Provides APIs to fetch messages, track clicks, etc

inbox-ui - Module contains the user interface for the inbox module and helper methods for customization of the UI.

Using SDK Notification Center

If you are using the UI provided by the SDK you need to include the inbox-ui module in your application. Key changes you would notice here apart from the artifact name update

  • RecyclerView used instead of ListView
  • Updated UI
  • API updates for customizing the UI

Refer to the updated MoEngage's default Notification Center for details on how to use the default UI and possible customization.

Self handled Notification Center

If you were building your own Notification Center consuming the data from MoEngage we have made the APIs simpler for you and made the SDK lighter. Integrate the inbox-core module.

Refer to the Self Handled Notification Center for updated APIs

Update the packages:

While we have revamped the modules we have tried to maintain some of the classes to avoid re-integration wherever feasible. Though we have not changed the APIs as such we have moved it to a new package for better integration in the future.
Refer to the below table for updated packages.

Then Now
com.moengage.addon.inbox.MoEInboxHelper com.moengage.inbox.core.MoEInboxHelper
com.moengage.addon.inbox.listener. OnMessagesAvailableListener com.moengage.inbox.core.listener.
com.moengage.addon.inbox.MoEInboxActivity com.moengage.inbox.ui.view.InboxActivity
com.moengage.addon.inbox.InboxFragment com.moengage.inbox.ui.view.InboxFragment



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