Opted Out Users


Optional step for data tracking.

MoEngage provides you behavioral data only for the users who opt-in for push notifications. If you are trying to optimize the opt-in funnel, and check the exact stats on how many users have agreed/blocked to subscribing push notifications, you will have to track it as part of your existing analytics solution.

To achieve this, we have exposed opt-in callback interaction events that can be listened to so that you can track them using your own analytics flow.

Hard ask prompted by the Browser


Soft ask prompted by MoEngage


Detailed Reference for Opt-in interaction Callbacks

Event listener syntax

  //Track events here

The name of the Event is MOE_OPT_IN.

Type of events are:

Default opt-in interaction events:

Event Description
opt_in_shown Default opt-in shown

User clicked allow

opt_in_blocked User clicked block
opt_in_dismissed The user dismissed the opt-in (Closed the dialog box)

Custom opt-in (Soft-Ask) interaction events:

Event Description


Custom opt-in shown


User accepted the opt-in.


User dismissed the opt-in

Reach out to us directly from your MoEngage Dashbaord -> Need Help? -> Contact Support or send an email to support@moengage.com.

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