Android SDK Changelog

5.5.02 (09-11-2021)



5.4.01 (19-07-2021)

5.4.00 (02-07-2021)

5.3.01 (13-05-2021)

5.3.00 (10-05-2021)

5.2.00 (14-04-2021)

5.1.01 (08-04-2021)

5.1.00 (01-03-2021)

  • MoEngage SDK version pinned to a specific version. 11.0.04 in this release.

5.0.01 (24-02-2021)

  • Updating minimum dependency of MoEngage SDK to the version published on maven central
  • Publishing moved to Maven Central. All future updates would be published on Maven Central only.

5.0.00 (28-01-2021)

  • MoEngage SDK version updated to support 11.0.03 and above. Refer to the Release Notes for more details.

4.3.00 (19-11-2020)

  • MoEngage SDK version is no longer pinned to a specific version. The latest version within the defined range would be picked. In the defined range major version of the SDK is maintained.


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.4.04


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.4.03


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.4.01


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.4.00. Refer to the Release Notes for more details.
  • Moved to androidx namespace.


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.1.01


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.1.00
    • Cards support


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.0.03
    • Migrated integration-verification module to Kotlin


  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.0.02
    • Support added for India Cluster

v4.0.01 (04-03-2020)

  • Updated MoEngage SDK version to 10.0.01

v4.0.00 (21-02-2020)

  • Removed Support for manifest based integration
  • Removed support for MoEngage's GCM library. If you are still using the GCM dependency move to FCM dependency.
  • Removed support for Fresco, use Glide instead if you are using Gifs for In-Apps.
  • If sender id is provided while initializing the SDK it will be used for token registration instead of the default sender id in the google-services.json file.
  • InApp Callbacks - InApp Callbacks listener is now a concrete class rather than an interface. Refer to the API documentation for more details.
  • Self-Handled in-app delivered on the Main thread
    Refer to Migration Guide documentation for more details.
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