iOS Push Configuration

Configuring Push in iOS

APNS Certificate

First, you will have to create an APNS certificate and upload to the dashboard to be able to send push notifications in iOS. Follow the steps below to do that :

*Follow the links on each step to complete it.

Push Registration

After this you will have to register for push notification in the App by using RegisterForPush method of the plugin as shown below:

using MoEngage;

App Target Settings

MoEngage plugin takes care of setting up the project while building it for the first time. But verify the Capability section has Push Notifications enabled along with AppGroups and Background Mode Settings as shown below:



MoEngage plugin creates an app group for the app with format: group.<app bundle id>.moengage. Make sure the same is resolved with the Apple developer account here.


MoEngage plugin takes care of setting up the Extension target too.  Make sure the same App Group Id is set for MoENotificationServiceExtension and MoEPushTemplateExtension.



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