iOS SDK Changelog


Release Date:7th June 2022

  • Updated MoEngage SDK Dependency to 8.2.* .

  • Introduced SEGMoEngageInitializer.h class to initialize MoEngage-iOS-SDK.

  • Added support for Swift Package Manager.


Release Date: 31st August 2021

  • Updated MoEngage SDK Dependency to `~> 7.1.0`.


Release Date: 10th May 2021

  • Fixed import errors for Analytics SDK, as there were 2 different import statements based on the way Analytics SDK was integrated into the project, added support for both.


Release Date: 23rd February 2021

  • Updated pod dependency to support MoEngage-IOS-SDK 7.0 and above


Release Date: 14th December 2020

  • Updated pod dependency to support Analytics 4.0 and above


Release Date: 28th July 2020

  • Updated pod dependencies to support MoEngage-iOS-SDK 6.1.0 and above
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