For privacy manifest support on iOS, please make sure that you are on Cordova SDK Version 8.6.0 or above and iOS SDK Version 9.16.2 or above. Want to know more about privacy manifest ? Refer this link


Core 8.6.0

  • iOS
    • Support for iOS SDK version 9.16.1 and above. Refer to release notes for more details.

Geofence 1.6.0

  • iOS
    • MoEngageGeofence SDK dependency updated to 5.15.0 and above.Refer to release notes for more details


Core 8.5.0

  • iOS
    • Support for iOS SDK version 9.15.0 and above.

Geofence 1.5.0

  • iOS
    • MoEngageGeofence SDK dependency updated to 5.14.0 and above.


Core 8.4.0

  • iOS
    • Support for iOS SDK version 9.8.0 and above.
  • Android
    • Support for Android version 12.10.01 and above, refer to the release notes for more details.
    • Google Policy - API to Delete User details
    • BugFix
      • Self Handled InApp delivery controls not working

Geofence 1.4.0

  • iOS
    • MoEngageGeofence SDK dependency updated to 5.8.0 and above.
  • Android
    • MoEngageGeofence SDK dependency updated to 3.4.0 and above.


Core 8.3.1

  • Android
    • Bugfix
      • Self-handled callback not working for test InApp and event-triggered InApp.


Core 8.3.0

  • Android 
    • Support for Android 13 push notification Opt-in with rationale via In-Apps.
    • Device Id enable/disable support


Geofence 1.3.0

  • Android
    • configureGeofence() is deprecated.Use startGeofenceMonitoring() stopGeofenceMonitoring() in the Geofence module.
  • iOS 
    • Support for stopGeofenceMonitoring() API.


Core 8.2.0

  • iOS
    • MoEngage-iOS-SDK dependency updated to 9.4.0 
    • Following are the deprecated API
      Then Now

      - (void)initializeDefaultSDKConfig:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions; 

      -(void)initializeDefaultSDKConfig:(MoEngageSDKConfig*)sdkConfig andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions;   

      - (void)initializeDefaultSDKConfigWithState:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig withSDKState:(MoEngageSDKState)sdkState andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions;

      - (void)initializeDefaultSDKConfigWithState:(MoEngageSDKConfig*)sdkConfig withSDKState:(MoEngageSDKState)sdkState andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions; 

Geofence 1.2.0

  • MoEngageGeofence SDK dependency updated to 5.4.0 


Core 8.1.0

  • Android
    • Support for Android 13 notification permission
    • Support for Android Gradle Plugin version 7.3.1
    • Build Configuration Update
      • Compile SDK version - 31
      • Target SDK version - 31
    • Support for Android SDK version 12.4.00 and above
  • iOS
    • Initialization APIs are updated to initialize SDK with the state.
      Then Now
      (void)initializeDefaultSDKConfig:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig withSDKState:(BOOL)isSdkEnabled andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions
      (void)initializeDefaultSDKConfig:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig withMoEngageSDKState:(MoEngageSDKState)sdkState andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions

Geofence 1.1.0

  • MoEngagePluginGeofence dependency version updated to 1.1.0.


Core 8.0.0

  • Support for Android SDK version 12.2.05 and above.
  • Support for iOS SDK version 8.3.1 and above.
  • Breaking changes
    Then Now
    MoECordova.init() MoECordova.init(YOUR_APP_ID)
  • Removed APIs
    Removed APIs
  • Android
    • Build Configuration Updates
      • Minimum SDK version - 21
      • Target SDK version - 30
      • Compile SDK Version - 30
    • Mi SDK update to Version 5.x.x, refer to the Configuring Xiaomi Push and update the integration.
    • Removed and replaced APIs
      Then Now
      MoEInitializer.initialize(Context, MoEngage.Builder) MoEInitializer.initialiseDefaultInstance(Context, MoEngage.Builder)
      MoEInitializer.initialize(Context, MoEngage.Builder, Boolean) MoEInitializer.initialiseDefaultInstance(Context, MoEngage.Builder, SdkState)
  • iOS
    Then Now
    - (void)initializeMoEngageSDKWithConfig:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions; - (void)initializeDefaultSDKConfig:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions;
    - (void)initializeMoEngageSDKWithConfig:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig withSDKState:(BOOL)isSdkEnabled andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions - (void)initializeDefaultSDKConfig:(MOSDKConfig*)sdkConfig withSDKState:(BOOL)isSdkEnabled andLaunchOptions:(NSDictionary*)launchOptions;

Geofence 1.0.0

  • Added a new plugin to support the region monitoring.


Release Date: 25th July 2022

  • Device identifier tracking update as per Google's User Data policy. Advertising Id is only tracked after user consent. Along with the plugin update the Native Android dependency to 11.6.02.


Release Date: 29th April 2022

  • Bugfix
    • Fixed the appearance of a thin grey line above the label in the InApp when displayed on larger screen devices.


Release Date: 16th September 2021

  • HTML InApp Support Added.
  • iOS
    • Native SDK version updated to ~>7.1.0.
    • Base plugin version dependency updated to ~>2.1.0
  • Android
    • Native SDK updated to support version 11.4.00 and above.


Release Date: 11th May 2021

  • Android SDK updated to support 11.2.00 and above.


Release Date: 31st March 2021

  • On iOS added support to explicitly initialize the plugin instead of the default Info.plist initialization.


Release Date: 26th February 2021

  • Support added for Native iOS SDK version 7.0 and above.
  • Android Native SDK updated to support version 11.0.04 and above. Refer to the Release Notes for behavior changes.
  • Added APIs to enable/disable SDK.
  • Added push token generated callback listener.


Release Date: 18th January 2021

  • Updated iOS MoEPluginBase dependency to support version 1.2 and above.


Release Date: 7th December 2020

  • Support for extending Native Android Callbacks if required.
  • Native Android SDK version required is 10.5.00 or above


Release Date: 23rd October 2020

  • Bugfix
    • Events not being marked as non-interactive on Android
    • On iOS payload sent in callback was incorrect, it was sent inside another "payload" key earlier


Release Date: 21st September 2020

  • Migration to androidx namespace.


Release Date: 19th September 2020

  • Support for Self-Handled In-App
  • Support for In-App V3
  • Android Native SDK dependency changed to support versions greater than 10.3.02 and above.
  • iOS Native SDK dependency changed to support versions greater than 6.0.0.
    Then Now
    MoECordova#passToken(token) MoECardova#passFcmToken(token)
    MoECordova#pushPayload(pushPayload) MoECordova#passFcmPayload(pushPayload)
    MoECordova#setExistingUser(isExisting) MoECordova#setAppStatus(status)
    (eventName, eventAttributes)
    MoECordova#trackEvent(eventName, generalAttributes,
    locationAttributes, dataTimeAttributes , isNonInteractive)
    (attributeName, attributeLatValue, attributeLonValue)
    MoECordova#setUserLocation(latitude, longitude)
    (attributeName, epochTimeStampVal)
    (attributeName, date)


Release Date: 30th August 2019
Updated the integration to support CocoaPods for integrating the iOS SDK - link.
Updated Android integration to support integration via gradle.
Native Android SDK version updated to 9.6.01


Release Date: 30th August 2019
Updated native iOS SDK version to 5.0.2
Update native Android SDK version to 9.6.0


Release Date: 29th June 2018
Support provided for Android Oreo.
Support for both GCM and FCM in Android
Push Amp is supported.
iOS SDK is now a Dynamic Framework.
Support for Real-time Triggers.
Support to update Unique ID User Attribute using setAlias().
Support for Conditional navigation in In-App Rating Template.


Migration to 4.* :

For migration from existing plugin to this version follow this link


Release Date: 22nd June, 2017
Javascript callbacks for navigation actions


Release Date: 24th November, 2016

  • iOS 10 changes for Rich Notifications added.


Release Date: 19th September, 2016

  • iOS: Now plugin adds AppID from the plugin add command variables, no need to provide it in AppDelegate.
  • iOS : Plugin is updated to handle all the lifecycle callbacks on its own, therefore no changes are required in AppDelegate.
  • iOS : Notifications provided to Remote Notification registration methods and push notification receiving method.


Release Date: 8th August, 2016

  • Support for iOS added in the plugin.


Release Date: 12th July, 2016

  • First release of the plugin with support for Android.



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