Install/Update Differentiation

This is solely required for migration to the MoEngage Platform. We need your help to tell the SDK whether the user is a new user of your app or an existing user who has updated to the latest version. If the user was already using your application and has just updated to a new version which has MoEngage SDK it is an updated , call the below API.

import { MoECapacitorCore, MoEAppStatus } from 'capacitor-moengage-core'
// For Existing user who has updated the app
MoECapacitorCore.setAppStatus({ appStatus: MoEAppStatus.UPDATE, appId: YOUR Workspace ID });

In case it is a fresh install call the below API

import { MoECapacitorCore, MoEAppStatus } from 'capacitor-moengage-core'

//For Fresh Install of App
MoECapacitorCore.setAppStatus({ appStatus: MoEAppStatus.INSTALL, appId: YOUR Workspace ID });



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