Additional Encryption 11.x.x

By default, we use HTTPS protocol for all requests made from the SDK; HTTPS encrypts the requests by default. MoEngage SDK optionally adds another layer of encryption apart from the encryption done by HTTPS.
To enable this additional encryption, you need to call the enableEncryption() on the MoEngage.Builder object while initializing the SDK and adding the security module as a dependency in your app's build.gradle file.

dependencies {


Adding the above dependency and enabling flag isn't enough for this feature to work; there is some additional configuration required on our side to completely enable this feature. In case you want to use this feature, reach out to your account manager or drop us an email at

Version Compatability

The security artifact/module is dependent on the Core SDK or moe-android-sdk artifact/module.
Based on the version of the Core SDK you are using, choose the right version of the Security module.

Core SDK Version Security

11.1.00 and above

1.0.00 and above



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