SMS Template APIs help marketers define, reuse, update, and manage SMS templates created outside the MoEngage ecosystem effortlessly. One can create multiple versions of the same template and mark whether they can be used in the campaigns that are active currently. Users can create templates using the Create SMS API and update them using the Update SMS API or edit them in the Dashboard (provided they have the specific editing permissions for the templates allowed for their role). 

The following APIs are available:

Create SMS Template

This API creates an SMS template. For more information, refer to Create SMS Template.

Update SMS Template

This API updates an SMS template specified by its Template ID. For more information, refer to Update SMS Template.

Search SMS Template

This API fetches an SMS template using its Template ID or other filters like template name, template version, and so on. It can also list all the SMS templates created in MoEngage. For more information, refer to Search SMS Template.



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