FCM Authentication

FCM Authentication is one of the methods to enable sending push notifications to your app installed on Android devices. The Authentication token is used to authorize server requests to Firebase services. You must generate the FCM Authentication Token and upload it to the MoEngage Dashboard to send Push notifications to Android users.



You have an app created on the Firebase console.

Authorizing Server Requests to Firebase Services

You can authorize server requests to Firebase services using one of the following methods:

  • Private Key - A service account JSON file that contains the details of the Private Key generated for authenticating the service account
  • Server key - With the HTTP legacy protocol, each request must contain the server key from the Cloud Messaging tab of the Firebase console Settings pane. This method was deprecated by FCM on June 20, 2023, and will be removed in June 2024
Private Key (Recommended) Server Key (Legacy)

Steps to Generate Private Key

  1. Login to the Firebase console with your credentials.
  2. Select your Project.
  3. In the top left pane, click on Settings beside Project Overview.
  4. Select Project Settings.


  5. In the Project Settings page, navigate to the Service Accounts tab.


  6. Click Generate New Private Key.
  7. Confirm the same by clicking Generate Key.
  8. This will generate a JSON file containing the Private Key.
  9. Download the JSON file and upload it to the MoEngage Dashboard in the following navigation: Settings-> Channel -> Push -> Mobile Push -> Android -> FCM Authentication -> Private Key.FCM_PrivateKey
  10. Once the JSON is configured, FCM should be enabled in the cloud console.





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