Install tracking


Install attribution tracking is a great way to improve your initial relationship with your user. Knowing how, where, and even more importantly, why a user installs your app allows you to get a better understanding of who your user is and how you should introduce them to your app.

API Details

You can use our APIs to seamlessly provide MoEngage with install data. These APIs allow you to track the install attribution data in MoEngage which you can then use to enhance your marketing automation campaigns on MoEngage.  

API Endpoint 

Depending upon the Data Center that the client is signed up on, the following would be the API

Data Center

API Endpoint





Query Parameters 


Key Value
publisher_name Publisher name of the install
campaign_name Campaign name of the install
src partner name 
appId App ID of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App Settings
advertising_id (for android only) Google Advertising Id of the device on which Install was detected
idfv (for iOS only) IDFV of the iOS device on which Install was detected
appAttributionKey Available on MoEngage dashboard by navigating to Settings -> Analytics -> Attribution


Example URLs

We have provided you some examples how the URL will look like and kindly replace the values before you can insert them in to your attribution provider.







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