Push Templates

SDK Installation

Installing using Catalog

Integration using a Version Catalog is the recommended way of integration; refer to the Configure Version Catalog document to configure a catalog if not done already. Once you have configured the catalog add the dependency in the app/build.gradle file as shown below

dependencies {

Alternatively, you can add the dependency directly, as shown below.

Installing using Artifact Id

Add the following dependency in the app/build.gradle file.

dependencies {

replace $sdkVersion with the appropriate SDK version


Version Compatibility

The rich-notification artifact should be compatible with the moe-android-sdk artifact you have already added. Check the version compatibility using the below version compatibility table and pick the correct version for your application.

Timer with Progress Bar

Android 12 Support

The SDK uses Alarms to periodically update the progress in the progress bar. Starting Android 12 to use exact alarms, additional permission is required; refer to the documentation for more details. To support the Timer with Progress Bar template on Android 12 and above devices, add the below permission in your manifest file.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM"/>

If the application does not have the above permission Time with Progress Bar notification will not be shown to the user, the backup notification will be shown instead.


The SDK defines the default color values for the progress bar's background and progress color. These can be customized to suit the application's theme by overriding the values for the below SDK-defined color attributes.

To set the custom color in light and dark mode, override the values in res/values/colors.xml and res/values-night/colors.xml, respectively.

<color name="moe_rich_push_progress_bar_background_color">[YOUR_COLOR]</color>
<color name="moe_rich_push_progress_bar_progress_color">[YOUR_COLOR]</color>

Version Compatibility

The rich-notification artifact/module depends on the Core SDK or moe-android-sdk artifact/module.
Choose the right version of the Push Templates module based on the Core SDK version used.

Core SDK Version Rich Notification Version
12.8.01 and above 4.5.1 and above
12.5.05 4.3.0
12.5.01 4.2.0
12.4.00 - 12.5.00 4.1.0
12.3.02 4.0.1
12.2.05 - 12.3.01 4.0.0
12.0.00 and 12.2.04 3.0.0 to 3.1.1
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