Web Personalisation - V2

MoEngage's Web Personalisation allows you to personalize the website experience for every visitor with limited or no involvement from tech teams.

Ensure that you have followed the SDK integration doc and that the SDK is working properly.



Optional step for all web modules

Add Web Personalisation <Script> to the Top of the <head> part:

<script src="https://cdn.moengage.com/webpush/moe_webSdk_webp.min.latest.js?app_id={app_id}&cluster={cluster}"></script>


Change the below fields:

  • Replace "app_id" available in the settings page of MoEngage Dashboard.
    Navigate to `Dashboard --> Settings --> App --> General` and copy the APP ID.
  • Any tracked data is stored in our default data center. If you need to redirect data to a specific data center based on data regulation policy, change the "cluster" to "DC_X" where "X" can be a number. Leave it for the default data center.

Test Environment

For data to be tracked in the test environment, please include `debug_logs` in the src of the above script as follow:

<script src="https://cdn.moengage.com/webpush/moe_webSdk_webp.min.latest.js?app_id={app_id}&cluster={cluster}&debug_logs=1"></script>

Cache Data Refresh

Web Personalisation data will be fetched and stored in the browser cache and will re-sync on the Next Page Load only if it meets any of the below conditions:

  • 15 min passed.
  • Login or Logout is executed.
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