Get all email templates

You can use this API to get a list of available email templates in your MoEngage account 

API Endpoint


The 'X' in the API Endpoint URL refers to the MoEngage Data Center (DC). MoEngage hosts each customer in a different DC. You can find your DC number (value of X) and replace the value of 'X' in the URL by referring to the DC and API endpoint mapping here.

Request Headers

Key Sample value Description
Authorization Basic <User:Password>

We accept Base 64 encoded Username:Password

- Username is the APP_ID. You can access your MoEngage App ID  by navigating to Settings > APIs> APP ID on your MoEngage Dashboard.

- Password is the Data API Key. You can access your MoEngage Data API Key  by navigating to Settings > APIs> Data API Key on your MoEngage Dashboard.



Templates built using the Drag & Drop Editor are not provided in this response.

Sample successful response: 

"updated_by": "",
"template_name": "alpha",
"is_archived": false,
"builder_supported": false,
"updated_at": "2022-08-01 06:31:14.241000",
"image_url": "",
"editor": "Froala Editor",
"created_date": "2022-07-20 12:30:00.748000",
"template_id": "62d7f549467b2f1a56929e5a"
"no_of_templates": "3"



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