Note on Policy Upgrade from Xiaomi

Due to a recent update in the Xiaomi developer Privacy Upgrade Access, some of you might have received an email from Xiaomi.

Why did you receive that email?

Xiaomi Push (one of the key components of Push Amp+ service from MoEngage) service has upgraded its app services to allow data storage in local servers. This is in response to the privacy compliance requirements outside Mainland China, for users in India, the European Economic Area + the UK, and Russia.

With this privacy upgrade, you will have to declare the server room where all your users' data related to Xiaomi Push will be stored by Xiaomi based on your privacy compliance needs.

This upgrade is being rolled out from Xiaomi and your account might soon receive this upgrade. Failing to comply with this region declaration policy might lead to push notifications being dropped or reported as sent but not delivered. 

What do we recommend?

To ensure smooth continued operation of your Push Amp+ notifications, we at MoEngage strongly recommend you to upgrade Moengage and Push Amp+ SDK to specify the region in which the user's data is to be stored before 5th Oct, 2022

Configure Mi Push SDK

The MoEngage Xiaomi Push SDK implementation was built with the V4 interface and will no longer be supported to generate valid push tokens after the upgrade. To be compliant, please update the latest version of the core SDK(above 12.2.05) and push-amp-plus (above 6.0.0.)

The push-amp-plus (above 6.0.0.) has methods to set the region in which the Mi data reside according to the actual needs of Europe, Russia, India, and Singapore

Push-amp-plus version 6.0.0 integration documentation 

  1. Android Native
  2. Flutter: Avaialble from 30th Sep
  3. ReactNative: Available from 30th Sep
  4. Cordova: Available from 10th Oct

Which region to set on SDK?

Xiaomi currently supports the following regions for storage of users data. You can identify the most suitable server room on SDK based on the scope mentioned in the table and privacy compliance requirements for your app.



Server room location

Server room Region on SDK


The Russian region




The Indian region



European Economic Area + the UK

European Economic Area countries and the UK




Regions other than those listed above





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