Adding additional Server Key

If you are getting Google Authentication Error or Mismatch Sender Id Error while sending the campaign, your server key is probably not authenticated/valid to send the push notification to your registered users. This error is most frequently occurring:

  1. because Google is phasing out GCM and asking apps to migrate to FCM. To check how to migrate your GCM project to FCM, you can read Google's migration documentation here.
  2. if you have already migrated your Google project to Firebase, and you are using Legacy key in MoEngage Dashboard.

In this article, we will help you how to get the server key that works for sending push notifications.

  1. Visit the Firebase Console.
  2. Select the project name that you are using to send push notifications.
  3. Click on Project settings, there is a settings icon, right to the overview. You will find it there.
  4. Under Project Settings, select Cloud Messaging. You will see 2 keys mentioned in there.c9a8ae0-Screen_Shot_2017-07-05_at_5.15.47_PM.png
  5. Legacy server key is what you might be using on MoEngage Dashboard and you are not able to send notifications.
  6. Pick up the Server key (which is a longer one), and update it under Additional Server key in the Mobile Push Setting on dashboard as under.

    The key quoted below is just a sample key. You need to use your own Server key there.

After you update the Server key, create a campaign on the dashboard and check if you receive push notifications on your mobile app.

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