Microsoft is replacing Xamarin with .NET MAUI and the support for the latest release of Xamarin is till November 2023. MoEngage will stop providing updates for the MoEngage Xamarin SDK due to the deprecation. Deprecation impacts Xamarin In-App Messaging and will stop working after June 2022. All other features will continue to work in the Xamarin SDK until November 2023.

In-App NATIV Campaigns target your users by showing a message while the user is using your app. They are very effective in providing contextual information and help to cross-sell/up-sell on desired screens of your app or/and on desired actions performed by the user in your app.

Call the below API to show an in-app message on a screen.


Android Configuration

In the case of Android, MoEngage SDK be default attempts to show in-app whenever an Activity is inflated. In case you have multiple screens inside a single activity and you wish to show in-apps on possibly all screens opt-out of the default behavior and call the above-mentioned API on the screens you want to show in-app messages on.

How to opt out of the default behavior?

Add OptOutDefaultInAppDisplay() to the MoEngage.Builder you initialized in the Application class of your app.

      MoEngage.Builder builder = new MoEngage.Builder(this, "XXXXXXX");


MoEXamarin.Current.ShowInApp() will not work until and unless the default InApp Display is not opted out in Android.

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