In-App NATIV Campaigns target your users by showing a message while the user is using your app. They are very effective in providing contextual information and help to cross-sell/up-sell on desired screens of your app or/and on desired actions performed by the user in your app.

Call the below API to show an in-app message on a screen.


Android Configuration

In the case of Android, MoEngage SDK be default attempts to show in-app whenever an Activity is inflated. In case you have multiple screens inside a single activity and you wish to show in-apps on possibly all screens opt-out of the default behavior and call the above-mentioned API on the screens you want to show in-app messages on.

How to opt out of the default behavior?

Add OptOutDefaultInAppDisplay() to the MoEngage.Builder you initialized in the Application class of your app.

      MoEngage.Builder builder = new MoEngage.Builder(this, "XXXXXXX");


MoEXamarin.Current.ShowInApp() will not work until and unless the default InApp Display is not opted out in Android.

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