Configuring Xiaomi Push on MoEngage


Configure App Id

To get your App Id login to the Mi Console and navigate to the App Info section. The App-Id details can be obtained from the Mi Console as shown below.


Configure App Key

To get your App Key login to the Mi Console and navigate to the App Info section. Click on the View button to see your App Key.


Configure App Secret

To get your App Secret login to the Mi Console and navigate to the App Info section. Click on the View button to see your App Secret Key.


Configure Default App Region

You can select the region from the Mi Console for the data residency of your app users’ data. The region selected should be the same as the region to have mentioned in the Mi Push SDK.




The default app region configured in the MoEngage dashboard and the default app region settings in Mi Console should be the same as the region you have set on your Mi Push SDK.

Configure MoEngage Dashboard Region

Mi provides region-specific endpoints for accessing push services that point to the corresponding data center in the Mi Push console. We have enabled support for these region-specific endpoints. You can access them in the MoEmgnage Dashboard Settings->Push->Mobile Push->Push Amp+


By default, we have set this region to Singapore and Others. If you have set a different region from the Mi Push SDK and Mi Push Developer console, please set the same region from the dropdown available in the dashboard.

Configure Small Icon

A notification icon is a part of the notification message and is used to identify the application which has sent the notification.


Specifications for the Notification Icon

  • The image should be flat, pictured face on, and must be white on a transparent background
  • Image Dimension should be 120 X 120 ± 15px.
  • Only the .png format is supported.

Configure Background Color

Background color is the color which is applied to the notification small icon.
Example - If a background color with hex code #00237C is applied to the small icon shown above it would look as shown below.


You can add the background color based on your application theme or brand color.

Configure Package Name

The package name for an application is the unique identifier through which the play store recognizes the application. You can find the package of your application in the build.gradle file of your application module.




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